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Wise Solutions, Inc. strives to bring environmentally friendly solutions to companies desiring to limit their impact on our natural resources and in the process help to streamline their operations so that they can realize their maximum savings potential. We create individual plans to serve the unique needs of each customer and place their satisfaction at the top of our priorities. Our goal is to provide old-fashioned personal service with a high tech solution for all of your document management needs.

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Bulk Scanning

Document scanning is the process of converting paper files to an easily accessible digital format. Also known as document imaging, this process will help unleash the true power of information that is normally hidden deep in evil beige filing cabinets. Learn More

Large Format Scanning

Blueprints, plans, as-builts and operation manuals are an import part to any construction or engineering project but are often too difficult to access and easily damaged. Our goal is to ensure you never have to ask yourselves “where did that plan go?” Learn More

Cloud Solutions

Now that all of your documents are in PDF or some other digital form how are you going to access them all? Every heard of the cloud? We are excited to offer the industry leading box.net service to clients to easily access all of your information in one place. Learn More

Monthly Scanning

Need scanning done on a recurring basis? No problem, clean up your office and enjoy the simplicity of monthly scanning with Wise Solutions. Click on the link below to find out how your company can save big with monthly scanning. Learn More

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